Musée de l’Artisanat

Musée de l’Artisanat

- brebotte

Musée de l’Artisanat


This fir-timbered farmhouse was built in 1853. The oak main building was dismantled in the neighbouring village of Boron and reassembled in Brebotte. It bears witness to the typical architecture of rural houses in the southern Territoire de Belfort. In this small village in the Sundgau region, the museum's collections evoke the skills that are disappearing and illustrate the daily life of our ancestors in the dwelling.
  • Secondary type: museum


  • associative museum

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday afternoons, 2pm to 5pm


  • Base rate - full rate adult : from 4,00 € to 5,00 €
  • Child rate : 3,00 €