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The Citadel of Belfort

Walk through the corridors of Vauban’s military engineering. Walk from half-moons to bastions, and from ditches to curtain walls, to discover the only example in France of the Second System of Fortifications of this genius.

The Historic Heart of the city

In Belfort, the historical heritage is concentrated within the Old Town surrounded by the ramparts. Discover the history of Belfort in the alleys of its old town, setting of the many treasures of Belfort.

In the Lions’ Footsteps

Dust off the façades, wander through the alleys, look up and you will discover more than a hundred sculpted, painted, engraved lions… Sometimes vestiges of the past, sometimes decorative elements, they are mischievously hidden.

Industries of yesterday, today and tomorrow


Immerse yourself in the heart of the industrial heritage of which Belfort and its Territoire are so proud. Spend half a day on the Techn’hom site. Take a walk through the Alstom workers’ village and discover that it is in Belfort where most of the power plants in the world are built.

Relive the economic boom of Belfort by diving into the real estate heritage of this 100-hectare park. Workers’ towns, Alsatian-style streets, emblematic DMC buildings… are on the agenda.

Optional: visit to the Museum of Mechanography, heritage of IT industry in Belfort. Trace the history of the computer!

Our prices

During the week

Group of 5 to 20 people: fixed price at 140 €
Group of 20 people or more: 7 € per person


Sundays and public holidays

Group of 5 to 20 people: fixed price at 180 €
Group of 20 people or more: 9 € per person

Optional: Foreign language (German, English, Italian): 20 € per guide

Optional: Access to Lion’s terrace: 1€ per person

Optional: Multisite pass: 7€ per person (access to all the museums of Belfort + Lion’s terrace + augmented reality visit of the Citadel)


The Frédéric Japy Museum in Beaucourt

In 1977, Frédéric Japy moved to Beaucourt and produced watch blanks but above all machine tools which were faster and less expensive. He then mechanised the production of complete watches and then alarm clocks, clocks… A true captain of industry of the 18th century, Frédéric Japy still remains the emblematic figure of early industrialisation.

The Agricultural Museum in Botans

This museum exhibits the stages in the development of agricultural machinery over the last 200 years as well as all the tools of life in the past. 100 machines and 1700 objects, tools for milking cows, milk processing, veterinary instruments…

The Craftsmanship and Traditions Museum in Brebotte

This 19th century farmhouse, whose main building comes from Boron, shows the typical architecture of the rural house in the south of the Territoire de Belfort. Through its collections, this museum evokes an endangered know-how and illustrates the daily life of our ancestors.

The Forge Museum in Etueffont

Four generations have succeeded one another in this building in Etueffont, at the foot of the Vosges, since the 17th century. In a living space where house and workshop were one, they have left the trace of their know-how. Demonstration of the blacksmith possible.

The Mill in Courtelevant

In the south of the Territoire, the mill in Courtelevant immerses visitors in the history of industrial and hydraulic techniques, from the 17th to the 19th century: millstones, gears, bucket wheels and many other grindings!

Our prices

Group from 15 people: from 3 € per person

Possibility of guided tour

The Hill of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp

A centuries-old place of pilgrimage, which today and after many transformations, serves as a setting for the works of 3 internationally renowned architects. Le Corbusier completed the construction of the chapel in 1955. In 2011, Renzo Piano built the monastery of Sainte-Claire and the gatehouse, the reception pavilion of the Hill of Notre-Dame du Haut. The landscaper Michel Corajoud designed the landscaping of the spaces and the greenery of the buildings.


Our prices

Group from 15 people: 8 € per person

Guided tour: fixed price of 110€ up to 30 people

The Peugeot Adventure Museum

Saw blades, coffee, spice and bean grinders, sewing machines, tools, bikes and motorbikes, automobiles of all eras, recent sports cars and futuristic concept cars, from 1810 to the present day… The Peugeot Adventure Museum thus presents 200 years of industrial history of the Pays de Montbéliard to the whole world.

Our prices

Group from 15 people: 7 € per person

Guided audio tour: + 2.50 € / person

Guided tour: + 5 € / person

The forts in the Territoire de Belfort

NATO fort

This detection centre, built from 1953 onwards, was called Ouvrage G. Discover this place, which is classified as Top Secret!


Fort of Bermont

This fort is named after general Elbé. It defends the intervals between the forts of Vézelois, Lachaux and Mont-Vaudois.


Fort of la Miotte

Legendary emblem of Belfort, the Tour de la Miotte remains the symbol of the city’s resistance, linked to the history of the city’s defensive strategy.


Fort of Roppe

Named Fort Ney, it was built between 1875 and 1877. It is part of the Séré de Rivières fortified belt and is still used by the army.


Fort of Bessoncourt

Learn while having fun! A visit to the precision fort will be an opportunity to plunge into its history and to try out precision games related to art and war.


Fort of Giromagny

Named Fort Dorsner after a general of the Empire, built between 1875 and 1879, it was in charge of controlling the important crossroads of Giromagny where an invasion route and a route around the entrenched camp of Belfort intersect.


Fort of Vézelois

Discover the fort of Vézelois, designed to cover the forts of Bessoncourt and Bois d’Oye, and to proceed on the roads coming from Switzerland and on the railway line of Mulhouse. A little less than 600 men and about thirty cannons were planned for this.

Our prices

Group from 15 people: from 3 € to 5 € per person


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