Le mur peint d’ernest pignon ernest

Le mur peint d’ernest pignon ernest

- belfort

Le mur peint d’ernest pignon ernest



This wall is an allegory of the meeting point between Latin and Germanic civilisations, which the Territoire de Belfort embodies. The work shows forty-six personalities famous for with their thinking, their actions or their creations. Wall painting by Ernest Pignon Ernest From left to right: Marlène DIETRICH seated (in The Blue Angel), Karl MARX, Maximilien ROBESPIERRE, Denis DIDEROT seated, Ludwig VAN BEETHOVEN, Robert DESNOS, Simone WEIL, Guillaume APOLLINAIRE, Colonel Pierre Philippe DENFERT-ROCHEREAU, Jean-Jacques ROUSSEAU, VOLTAIRE, Johann Wolfgang VON GOETHE, Louis-Ferdinand CELINE, Gustav MAHLER, Sigmund FREUD, Louise MICHEL, Frédéric Auguste BARTHOLDI, Marie CURIE, Friedrich HÖLDERLIN, Hector BERLIOZ, Richard WAGNER, Friedrich NIETZSCHE seated, Albrecht DÜRER seated, Gérard de NERVAL seated, Georg BÜCHNER seated, THE ILIAD seated (quote from an Ingres painting: the Apotheosis of Homer), Victor HUGO, Stefan ZWEIG, DANTE ALIGHIERI, Jean-Paul SARTRE, René CHAR, Erich von STROHEIM (in La Grande Illusion), Rosa LUXEMBURG, quote from a Caspar David FRIEDRICH painting: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog, Pablo Ruiz PICASSO, Arthur RIMBAUD seated, Albert EINSTEIN, Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART, Käthe KOLLWITZ, Bertholt BRECHT, MOLIERE, Friedrich Von SCHILLER, Thomas MANN, Madame de STAEL, Rainer Maria RILKE, Heinrich HEINE, Romain ROLLAND


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