Patrimoine Belfortain industrie informatique

Patrimoine Belfortain industrie informatique

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Patrimoine Belfortain industrie informatique


This museum, set up by former Bull Belfort employees, is one of France's three richest IT heritage sites, alongside Paris and Angers. You'll quickly find out about the basics of computing, but deal with the punched card and its AN7 code. Mechanography machines from the 1930s-1960s that are still in operation will transport you back to the complexity of information processing in those years. On the other hand, you will find all the computer applications of today, the basics still exist, but the applications have evolved considerably. Then you can understand all the technological developments in data capture and printing from the 1960s to 1992, with the move to magnetography. The museum also contains numerous archives on the workings of the Bull company in Belfort, photos, social affairs, inter-company activities, sport, etc. The visit lasts approximately 2 hours, with a demonstration and commentary.

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