Disco Kids

Dance, Kids, Music, Dinner Show, Theatre

Disco Kids

Dance, Kids, Music, Dinner Show, Theatre - belfort

Disco Kids



6 for all (subject to having purchased a ticket for another show in the 23-24 season). Ages 6 to 10. For this 23-24 season, the GRRRANIT SN is renewing the kids' disco for children aged 6 to 10. In the festive setting of the Coopérative SN, with its candy bar and confetti, they'll be dancing for two hours to a surprise theme. Musical entertainers will be on hand to let them have all the fun they want. The atmosphere will be as much visual as sensory, plunging them into the heart of an enchanted disco. Parents will be able to take a breather and have something to eat in the Bar in the Cooperative SN garden outside, in a quieter but just as friendly environment. GRRRANIT Scène nationale Belfort, BFC Region DJ, entertainment: Clément DREYFUS and Hélène JOUVELOT Created and produced by: GRRRANIT SN de Belfort.

Opening hours

Saturday 2/12/23 3pm

Saturday 15/06/24

The 15/06/2024

  • Samedi: from 15h00 to 17h00