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In 2024, the street and circus arts are coming to Belfort! For the first time, the GRRRANIT SN is inviting 5 regional street arts companies to "crash-test" the creation of outdoor shows all over Belfort! These various "crash-tests" will take place in the city of Belfort, in neighbourhoods, parks and pedestrianised streets, and will surprise young and old alike. These are the first steps in the creation of new shows, and the constructive feedback from the people of Belfort will enable the companies to adapt their work and modify their creations accordingly: don't hesitate to talk to them after the shows and even during them! The Compagnie Théâtre Group' - based in the Jura and directed by Patrice Jouffroy - will be orchestrating the various creative residencies of all the guest companies: Couleurs de Chap' Compagnie, Compagnie Chicken Street, Compagnie Love Ananas, Compagnie Pièces et Main d'Œuvre and, of course, Compagnie Théâtre Group'. Compagnie Théâtre Group' BFC Region 5 companies: Couleurs de Chap' Cie, Cie Chicken Street, Cie Love Ananas, Cie Pièces et Main d'Œuvre Théâtre Group', Production: L'Amuserie, Coproduction GRRRANIT SN

Opening hours

From 13 to 28/04/24

From 7 to 20/06/24

From 13/04/2024 to 28/04/2024

From 07/06/2024 to 20/06/2024