Our sporting events

Enduro du Lion

This original mountain bike racing event is part of the Franche-Comté Cup. It includes five timed races over Salbert Mountain before ending with a final competition through the heart of Belfort Citadel!

enduro du lion

Belfort triathlon

Surrounded by extraordinary nature between the Malsaucy site and the Ballon d’Alsace, the Belfort Triathlon combines sport and environmental preservation under a banner of friendship! In addition to short and long-distance races, an introductory triathlon and a kids’ triathlon are organized to ensure as many people as possible are able to participate. In addition, the Triath’lionne is a 100% women’s race! There is also a SwimRun by Night on Malsaucy Beach.


triathlon Belfort

Le Lion international half-marathon

In addition to the traditional 21K race, the general public can also compete in a 10K race, a rollerblade race or the Féline, a women’s foot race. In addition, the Mini-Lion is specially designed for younger runners. Close to 5,000 competitors are expected, encouraged by more than 40,000 spectators

semi marathon Belfort


Each autumn, the association Territoire Sport Nature organizes the BelforTrail, a 55K foot race through the heart of the southern Vosges. It was part of the Vosges 2015 Trophy, Trail Run category. For beginners, the GiroTrail offers a similar course but covering just 22 kilometres. If you enjoy endless splendid views and technically challenging paths, then this race is for you!