L’écurie des p’tits bouts

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L’écurie des p’tits bouts

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L’écurie des p’tits bouts


From the age of 1 year, children are welcomed at the "P'tits bouts" stable. They will be in charge of their pony and will be able to become autonomous very quickly thanks to the organisation of the space made for them. The children are introduced to horse riding but not only, they will develop: balance, listening skills, autonomy, respect for others, mutual help, independence, self-confidence, courage, perseverance, all important values during our sessions. Several options are available so that each child can find his or her own rhythm: weekly classes, occasional classes, birthdays, training courses... The older children (4-6 years old) can take part in small competitions and adults can also get closer to ponies without riding by trying their hand at harnessing or ethology (understanding ponies). A new slot has just opened for children up to 8 years old.
  • Secondary type: horse riding


  • Base rate : from 19,00 € to 23,00 € - group session 1h


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