Go to discover different trees of the Lion’s city for a walk, all enjoying the heritage sites.

Two tours arouse the curiosity of young and old people.

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City center

The first Trees discovery trail focuses on the city centre. The trail is 2.7 km long for about an hour of walk. 8 tree species linked with 16 tourist places characterising Belfort’s heart are to observe. The Place d’Armes and its wonderful pink sandstone Saint-Christophe cathedral is brighten up with Siberian elms. Walk towards the Souvenir square, not so far from the Bartholdi’s Lion and marvel face to the carpinus betulus and the giant sequoia from California.

Parks and gardens in Belfort

The second Trees discovery trail leads you through the parks and the gardens in Belfort for about 2 hrs of walking. 13 green areas are to visit. From the Carlos Bohn square, better known as La Roseraie square, through Lechten square or to 700th garden, the charm works. Austrian tree, small-leaved lime, Austrian pine or willow oak are as much trees that are waiting for you. These green spaces are also linked to some historical heritage such as the Three Sieges monument located close to Etienne Merloz square, erected to pay homage to Belfort’s protector during the Three Sieges. The Espérance by Andreas Beck has been sculpted to perpetuate the Liberation’s memory.It is visible when you go towards the Place Yitzhak Rabin.

So don’t wait anymore, take the needed brochures and go hunting the trees!