To visit a “top secret” site is a dream for many James Bond fans. Become a secret agent the time of a visit led by the volunteers of ATOMES and enter into the history of the Cold War by exploring the corridors of the NATO Fort.

Everything began in 1953 in a context of Cold War, international tensions and a project: the G work was born… Well, not exactly, since this site was originally the underground radar station of the French air force, concealed under the Salbert Mount. This was a heavy investment at the time for an activity which in the end only lasted a year.

Fenêtres intéreurs

Since May 2016 it’s been possible to visit the NATO Fort during European Heritage Days. For those who cannot wait Belfort Tourisme organises guided tours of one and a half hour. This unusual place is very popular with the visitors of the Territoire de Belfort in search of originality. The renovation of the G work is still underway.

Postes radio

A peculiar atmosphere

Get to live a new adventure and visit a “top secret” place!
Prepare to enter an underground world with its own smells and the noise of the slabs under your steps. A sensation of dampness and coolness with a 16 °C temperature maximum inside, wrap up well!

Go back in time

New areas of the NATO Fort open to the public every year. It is possible to visit the telephony room. Visit successively the broadcast room, the map room, the meeting room and a rest room… During the visit immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Cold War.

Still to come

If you want to see more, here is some “top secret” information. You will soon be able to walk through the one-kilometre long underground passageway that used to link the NATO fort to the Lefebvre Fort. This access is currently sealed off.