Ouverture de saison du Théâtre du Pilier


Ouverture de saison du Théâtre du Pilier

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Ouverture de saison du Théâtre du Pilier



Elémentaire. An alert, funny and tender show about childhood through the real-life experience of actor Sébastien Bravard, who took the competitive examination to become a school teacher in 2016. A school teacher by day, an actor by night, Sébastien tells his story: that of a great leap into the void. It is the candid view of a novice on the incredible and crazy world of teaching. Characters appear furtively: a trainer, colleagues, students... It is the shock of discovering a new world. Where to start? How to go about it? Sébastien wanted to be useful, to educate future generations and help them become citizens of tomorrow's world, to take a step for each of his students, to know their happiness, their distress and their great hopes. The strength of the show lies in the link that Sébastien weaves between the world of the school and that of the theatre. "Sébastien Bravard tells the story of his first year of teaching with humour and sensitivity, tenderness and accuracy" (Le Parisien) "A real recreation, which plunges into the sweet world of childhood, Élémentaire is a show that does good and brings joy to the heart" (L'Œil d'Olivier).

Opening hours

The 24/09/2022

  • Samedi: from 19h00 to 23h00


  • Subscriber's rate : 12,00 €
  • Child rate : 7,00 € - from 4 to 8 years
  • Base rate : 17,00 €


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