Ciné Plein Air : Le Chêne

Ciné Plein Air : Le Chêne

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Ciné Plein Air : Le Chêne



by Michel Seydoux, Laurent Charbonnier | France | 2021 | 1h20 | from 3 years | Adventure, Family Once upon a time, there was a 210-year-old oak tree that became a pillar in its kingdom. This spectacular adventure film brings together an extraordinary cast: squirrels, barnacles, jays, ants, field mice.... This vibrant, whirring, marvellous little world seals its destiny around this majestic tree that welcomes them, feeds them and protects them from its roots to its crown. A poetic ode to life in which nature alone expresses itself. An ode to biodiversity, Michel Seydoux and Laurent Charbonnier's film is a superb immersive spectacle at the heart of nature and the seasons (Le Figaro).

Opening hours

10 August 2024 at 9.30pm

The 10/08/2024

  • Samedi: from 21h30