Le pré du fayet

Other group accomodation

Le pré du fayet

Other group accomodation - petitmagny

Le pré du fayet



In this house you will find: 1) on the ground: - a kitchen and its pantry equipped with a gas stove (5 hobs), a big sink and a dishwater, pans, stew pots, crockery and cutlery and included. Don’t forget to take some detergents (dishwasher tablets) and cleaning products, tea towels, towels, scrapers, big bag (100 and 5/10 litres)... - a fridge/freezer (300 + 100 litres), a 200 L fridge, a sink and others small devices (2 microwaves, 2 coffee maker, 1 kettle). Don’t forget to take some large coffee filters. - a living/dining room (in L shape) of about 70 m² with tables, chairs and benches for 50 people. 2) on the first floor: - 2 rooms of 6 beds, one of 2 beds and a dormitory of 18 beds so 32 beddings. All of the beds are bunk and furnished with mattress cover, pillow + pillowcase and a cover. Take at least one sheet or a sleeping bag and a personal pillowcase. The leader for the children’s groups sleeping in the centre has to proceed to an evacuation procedure by day and one by night. The moment is chosen according to the leader. He will have to inform the notebook located with the central for exercises.


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