Yourtes Kazakhes place corbis !

Exhibition, Dinner Show, Theatre

Yourtes Kazakhes place corbis !

Exhibition, Dinner Show, Theatre - belfort

Yourtes Kazakhes place corbis !



"After the strong heat of summer, when everything becomes heavy because of the canicule, and it seems that time stops its course, enter the half-light of a dry and fresh yurt, throw yourself on an aromatic cup of foaming kumiz, and lie down on the cold silk." The yurt is one of the oldest inventions of the Eurasian nomads. This traditional Kazakh portable house has evolved to perfection over the centuries. The yurt has been recognised by researchers as the most perfect type of portable shelter, impressing travellers and merchants, ambassadors of foreign states and medieval historians. Many of them left fanciful descriptions of felt tents that amazed them with their comfort and splendid decorations. The Kazakh yurt is similar to the Mongolian yurt, but with a few distinct differences. It is generally larger and more spacious, with a diameter of up to 10 metres. The main structure of the Kazakh yurt is made up of wooden poles, often covered with felt and waterproof canvas. The dynamism of nomadic life is fully reflected in the optimal comfort of the yurt structure. It keeps the air cool inside on hot summer days, protects against cold winds in winter and stays dry during autumn rains. With the support of the Kazakhstan Tourist Office and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in France.

Opening hours

From 6 to 20/03/24 (times and programme to be announced)

From 06/04/2024 to 20/04/2024