Un mouton sur le toit


Un mouton sur le toit

Theatre - belfort

Un mouton sur le toit


MAYAPO THEATRE A wall and 2 houses. A wall and 2 gardens. A wall and 2 neighbours. Mr. Round is round and easy-going...apparently. Mr. Square is sharp and austere...certainly. In Mr. Round's garden there are flowers, little benches and birds... In Mr. Square's garden there is nothing, the ground is clean and polished, well tarred. We don't talk to each other, we don't see each other, that's what a wall is for. And life goes on like this, everything is square and goes on smoothly. Until one day... a cloud in a hurry drops one of its sheep on Mr. Round's roof... A tale, hopefully prophetic, about human reconciliation. A reflection proposed to children about borders, barriers, prohibitions, taboos and prejudices of all kinds.... We can open doors... close them again, and open them again, without giving up our own identity and alienating our personality. .... We still have to break through the wall! And then a circle fits into a square and a square into a circle!

Opening hours

From 26/04/2022 to 27/04/2022

  • Mardi: from 14h30 and from 16h30
  • Mercredi: from 14h30 and from 16h30


  • Base rate : 10,00 €
  • Child rate : 8,00 €


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