Sous le regard des mouches

Dinner Show, Theatre

Sous le regard des mouches

Dinner Show, Theatre - belfort

Sous le regard des mouches



Free admission by prior arrangement. From age 14. A modern farm with fourteen thousand pigs. Around the matriarch, Vincent and Cousin keep the farm running. Everything is going swimmingly in this seemingly uneventful family. But then Vincent meets Docile. In love, he prepares to leave the farm to marry her. Little by little, the young fiancée discovers the terrible bonds of dependence between the members of this family and watches helplessly as they exact ruthless revenge. Characters born under the gaze of flies. 984 Productions Paris, Île-de-France Festival d'Avignon off Creative residency and co-production GRRRANIT SN

Opening hours

The 24/06/2024

  • Lundi: from 20h00 to 21h35