Sonia et Alfred

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Sonia et Alfred

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Sonia et Alfred


MAYAPO THEATRE THEATRO GIOCO VITA (ITA) Who is this strange bird? Where does it come from? We don't know at all. We only know that he has just enough time to take his chair and run away, he doesn't have a home anymore, he looks for a place to shelter and asks: "Do you have a little place for me?", but everyone always finds a good reason to refuse him. We also know that Sonia lives alone in a house deep in the woods, but she doesn't like to go far from her little kingdom where she has everything she needs to be well. She wants nothing else. But one day, someone stops in front of her house, sits on a chair and waits. Please respect the minimum age of 4 years old for the artists.

Opening hours

The 13/02/2022

  • Dimanche: from 11h00 and from 17h00


  • Base rate : 10,00 €
  • Child rate : 8,00 €


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