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Romain Didier

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Romain Didier



Noise is not his strong point. Romain Didier has created a universe, a musical atmosphere that everyone can identify with and love. This time, lyrics and music are intimately linked. His songs are strangely reminiscent of Claude Sautet films. The fog of tears is never far away. Romain Didier is back with a new critically acclaimed album, "Souviens-moi", and a new show. Without taking his eyes off his all-black piano, he allows himself to take a different path on stage and in music. Under the respectful, no-holds-barred eye of Niobé, who is responsible for the lighting and staging, he brings Philippe Istria on percussion and his accomplice Thierry Garcia on guitars.

Opening hours

Friday 15 March 2024 at 8.30pm

The 15/03/2024

  • Vendredi: from 20h30


  • Base rate : 24,00 €
  • Child rate : 12,00 €
  • Ermäßigter Satz : 22,00 €


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