Rêve d’air

Music, Dinner Show, Theatre

Rêve d’air

Music, Dinner Show, Theatre - belfort

Rêve d’air



6 months and over. A kora player sits under her parasol of birds, shells and wind, welcoming you to her little island of woven and knitted materials. As she blows, a little palace of sound is created, and then storytelling, songs and sound machines come rushing in! A poetic and sensitive account of the encounter between the Facteur Cheval and his stone. A musical surprise as light as the wind for young and old alike. Compagnie La Tortue Besançon, BFC Region

Opening hours

Saturday 16/03/24 10am + 11am

The 16/03/2024

  • Samedi: from 10h00 to 10h25 and from 11h00 to 11h25