Rencontre réalisatrice avec LOUP Y ES-TU ?


Rencontre réalisatrice avec LOUP Y ES-TU ?

Screening - belfort

Rencontre réalisatrice avec LOUP Y ES-TU ?



Screening followed by a meeting with director Clara Bouffartigue. France | 2022 | 1h25 Young people, children and their parents come for counselling, suffering slung over their shoulders, under their coats or under their skins, as the case may be. At the medico-psycho-pedagogical centre, the carers are there to accompany them in therapy. Through play, dialogue and silence, as a family, in groups or individually, they work to help them grow up. At night, in the corridors and waiting room, between dreams and nightmares, a funny little man comes to life and releases his emotions. Once upon a time, behind the symptom, lurking in the shadows, were children, teenagers and parents who were afraid of the wolf... Are you a wolf? What can cinema do in the face of such helplessness? Find the right distance and, as in this case, bring serenity to the chaos (L'Obs)

Opening hours

2 April 2024 at 8.15pm

The 02/04/2024

  • Mardi: from 20h15


  • Base rate : 12,50 €
  • Child rate : 7,50 € - -Under 14s
  • Ermäßigter Satz : 8,50 € - Art & Essai card