Prenez Garde À Son Petit Couteau


Prenez Garde À Son Petit Couteau

Theatre - belfort

Prenez Garde À Son Petit Couteau


By transposing Alfred de Musset's Lorenzaccio, this band brought together by Matthieu Poulet (and joined by former Chiens de Navarre) invites us to plunge into the circles of power, but also into our dark and impulsive side. The characters are torn from the gilding of the Renaissance to be placed under the golds of the Republic and on the carpet of the offices of Bercy, trodden by the powerful of today. Lorenzaccio was ready to die for his ideas and was lynched for his actions. In this crude production he assumes the sacrificial figure of the whistleblower. A sulphurous plot that Musset would have enjoyed if he had subscribed to streaming platforms. A scathing humour that will delight the spectator, but will make the voter tremble. A desperate world, but perhaps also one that is ready to crack from the inside, if only one can find hope and a little knife. Continue your evening with music at the Novo lounge bar, just outside the GRRRANIT SN. Enjoy a 15% discount on an à la carte drink on the evening of the show.

Opening hours

The 30/03/2023

  • Jeudi: from 20h00 to 21h34


  • : from 8,00 € to 18,00 €


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