People United

Dance, Dinner Show, Theatre

People United

Dance, Dinner Show, Theatre - belfort

People United



From age 10. Brief nudity. From protest to celebration, choreographer Joanne Leighton has been collecting photographs of gatherings for over ten years. This atlas is the starting point for People United, which, after 9000 Pas and Songlines, completes a trilogy dedicated to universal movements. Nine dancers melt into the skin of these historic photographs, captured on the spot and with which we are all familiar. Tender or provocative, sheltered or exposed, between chaos and immobility, the bodies of these committed dancers give rise to a breathless physical language that dances with the revolutions and indignities of the world. WLDN Company, Australia Choreography, set design and direction: Joanne LEIGHTON

Opening hours

Thursday 15/02/24 8pm

The 15/02/2024

  • Jeudi: from 20h00 to 22h00


  • Base rate : from 8,00 € to 18,00 €


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