PAUL VON BORAX – Rétrospective


PAUL VON BORAX – Rétrospective

Exhibition - belfort

PAUL VON BORAX – Rétrospective



"Rather anarchic, I don't claim a perfect, rational photographic act. I work a lot in improvisation, between constructed and random. I rely on my intuition, my will and my pleasure to make, and often also on my dreams, from which many of my photos come. Paul von Borax started photography a long time ago and what was only meant to be a hobby has gradually turned into a passion. Self-taught, he likes to experiment and gradually makes wonderful discoveries and encounters that make him want to shape lights, settings, atmospheres... to look and to show. He likes to be surprised and to let himself go to the moment and the singularity of each session. His inspirations are multiple, paintings, situations, meetings... In 2005, he tried his hand at polaroid photography and used many different materials, films and processes. Boiled, stained, abandoned, scratched, crumpled, his only goal is to create an atmosphere that only Polaroids are able to express. A book came out of it: Les fumeuses. Then other adventures followed. From old-fashioned processes to photographs of mothers breastfeeding their children, eclecticism is the order of the day. His photographic work is authentic. Whatever the medium, his philosophy remains the same: everything for the shot and the writing of the light. Four series, which focus on female subjects, will be presented at the University Library: - Smoking women - The nursing mothers - The white savages - The bathers

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Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm
Saturday from 9am to 12pm

From 01/04/2023 to 29/04/2023

  • Dimanche: from 09h00
  • Samedi: from 09h00
  • Mardi: from 09h00
  • Lundi: from 09h00
  • Mercredi: from 09h00
  • Jeudi: from 09h00
  • Vendredi: from 09h00


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