OUWA, Parcours sonore géolocalisé


OUWA, Parcours sonore géolocalisé

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OUWA, Parcours sonore géolocalisé



Ouwa is a geolocated sound trail around the Etang des Forges, offering an immersive experience that lets the living world be heard. During this fictional journey, you are projected into the distant future, where the pond is now part of Ouwa territory. Author Luvan invites you to an encounter with the plant world. A utopia where strange sensory mutations enable a few individuals, known as "flora singers", to hear, see and smell plants. Immerse yourself in a world where the boundaries between humans and plants become blurred. Follow this poetic trail, let yourself be guided and explore a world where nature speaks in mysterious languages. Welcome to Ouwa territory, where every step is an encounter with the unexpected. Text: luvan Director: Gaëtan Gromer Music: Gaëtan Gromer, Antoine Spindler Voices: Sébastien Bizzotto, Florine Chevrolet, (Regis Kante), Pauline Leurent Sound recording and mixing: Antoine Spindler Visual: Matëo Granger. Application: GOH Line producer : Les Ensembles 2.2 Partner: Espace multimédia Gantner With the support of the Ville de Strasbourg, the Région Grand-Est, the CEA, the FEDER and the DRAC Grand-Est.

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18 June

The 18/06/2024

  • Mardi: from 18h30