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Ours – Chanson

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Ours – Chanson



A few years ago, Ours (alias Charles Souchon, son of Alain Souchon) came out of his lair to introduce himself to the world. His first encounter was with a small hit, "Le cafard des Fanfares", which had all the makings of an obvious hit. Then a duet with Lilly Allen that was as unexpected as it was delightful, before admitting to us, in all honesty, that he had "never known how to dance". The new chapter he is starting today is called Mitsouko and consists of thirteen songs and a tour in 2021-2022. Mitsouko is a tribute to the mythical group, to their energy and their madness, which allowed them to explore and express everything. Among the tracks, "La 5e saison", the first single unveiled, gently announces a journey, then "Petit Jeu en duo" with the immense Matthieu Chedid, a mischievous track on a light and heady tune. On stage, Charles Souchon is accompanied by 3 musicians: Kahina Ouali on keyboards and backing vocals, Jean-François Ludovicus on drums and Romain Preuss on bass and guitar.
  • Secondary type: concert

Opening hours

Saturday 13 August at 21:00

The 13/08/2022

  • Samedi: from 21h00


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