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Like a tutelary figure, the great Léo Ferré has accompanied the ORLY trio since its debut in 2016. So Samuel Veyrat, Xavier Bussy and Ian Zielinski have chosen to devote their second show to him. It has to be said that almost thirty years after his death, the anarchist singer-songwriter remains, for many artists, a reference point, an influence, or better still, a mentor. An immense figure in French chanson, he was a radical artist, a committed poet and a composer ahead of his time. Now, more than just a series of tribute covers, ORLY has succeeded in fusing his ebullient universe with that of Léo Ferré. The result is an almost theatrical show, in which the trio give themselves body, soul and guts in highly personal interpretations, sometimes close, often far away, but always poetic.

Opening hours

The 17/11/2023

  • Vendredi: from 20h30


  • Base rate : to %s 20,00 €
  • Child rate : to %s 10,00 € - Children under 12
  • Ermäßigter Satz : to %s 18,00 €


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