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Oncle Vania

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Oncle Vania



In Uncle Vanya's estate, what remains of a broken family comes together to try to live together and reinvent a common future. Each with his or her own hopes and frustrations, to face questions as banal as they are metaphysical: how do our former dreams become our own fierce accusers? How do the poetic and tender feelings that animate us turn into demons driven by jealousy and hate? Where is the mysterious tipping point that turns peace into war? With his melancholic smile, Chekhov depicts the features of human souls devoid of love. Characters that are both touching and cruel, funny and surprising. Continue your evening with music in the Novo lounge bar, just outside the GRRRANIT SN. Enjoy a 15% discount on an à la carte drink on the evening of the show.

Opening hours

The 26/05/2023

  • Vendredi: from 20h00 to 22h00


  • : from 18,00 € to 25,00 €


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