Œuvre d’art Monumental Les points d’eau

Œuvre d’art Monumental Les points d’eau

- belfort

Œuvre d’art Monumental Les points d’eau



The "watering holes" refer to a significant event of the First World War: the bombardment of Belfort by the great gun of Zillisheim. This military harassment resulted in 41 shell hits in the Territoire de Belfort, which were referenced on a map by a French soldier in 1920. The map is held in the Departmental Archives, which also have testimonies from the inhabitants of this period. The artist Raphaël Galley has imagined an artistic path that links each shell impact. At the very spot where the shells from the big gun fell, he installed a sculpted pillar made of pink Vosges sandstone and oak, about 1.20 m high, at the top of which is a hollowed-out basin reminiscent of the crater created by the falling shells.

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From 06/06/2022 to 31/12/2024


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