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KIOSK THEATRE Caravan along the Savoureuse river behind the Grrranit. It's a simple question and yet it puts into play our own identity, our learning to live with others, those around us, those we envy, those who impress us or whose mystery we would like to penetrate. "Miniature" is a mini photographic and musical drama, a story of childish solitude. The poetry of the black and white image takes us to buried memories to live a singular and yet familiar adventure. "It all starts with a boy who is given a chicken and two pretty little neighbours opposite All this little world will meet but will not come out unscathed. "Miniature" is a short paper theatre show, a hidden story, intended for a small number of spectators. "Miniature" is performed in a caravan that has been converted into a mini mobile theatre. It is an adventure rich in emotions, the dialogue is instantaneous and very sensitive. An intimate encounter takes place, it allows us to dive into our inner worlds for the time of a story that tells us about our irrevocable solitude.

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From 18/02/2022 to 19/02/2022


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