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Marie-Flore + Brö

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Marie-Flore + Brö



In her lyrics, she cultivates poisonous themes, enjoys singing sensual, sometimes abrupt wordplay, aspects that are important to her both sonically and textually. Brö: Whether it's her speech or her musicality, Brö is an artist of her time, with fusion as her key word. With her two multi-instrumentalist musicians Elie and Jules, she explores all genres without question. This is what we could call "the new variety". A music that honours its multiple influences, paying homage to the variety of the 80s, which unabashedly incorporated jazz, soul, electro and classical music.

Opening hours

The 20/10/2023

  • Vendredi: from 20h30


  • Base rate : 18,00 €
  • Ermäßigter Satz : 16,00 €


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