Lola fait son numéro


Lola fait son numéro

Theatre - belfort

Lola fait son numéro


Inspired by Calder's "Petit cirque", "Lola fait son numéro" is a tribute to the circus, where metal and wire puppets rub shoulders with flesh-and-blood actors. In this show, we follow the journey of Lola, the little girl from the Farfalone circus, who for the first time has to perform an act on the night of the big show. She is finally a real Farfalone. But she is soon faced with the question of choice - she wants to do it all! The Mastok brothers, Ursula the ostrich, Ernesto her trainer, her parents Philomène and Carlo, Cybul the lion, not forgetting Marco the clown, all play their part in Lola's choice.

Opening hours

The 24/04/2024

  • Mercredi: from 14h30