L’odyssée de Moti

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L’odyssée de Moti

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L’odyssée de Moti



CIE UNE POIGNÉE D'IMAGES Reservation at the Grrranit - Scène Nationale on 03 84 58 67 67 or on https://www.grrranit.eu/ When Moti, a little mammoth, wakes up, he has only one desire: to find his mother. But there's a problem: 5,000 years have passed and the world around him has changed somewhat. To complete his quest, he will have to make a long journey from the Arctic ice floes to the deepest forests of Africa. Is it really possible to find a mother who has been missing for thousands of years? The absence of parents, the blended family but also friendship and perseverance are the main themes of this musical. The double reading of the show allows children, but also parents, to travel with Moti in this fabulous odyssey. Please respect the minimum age of 3 years for the artists.

Opening hours

From 12/02/2022 to 13/02/2022

  • Samedi: from 14h30
  • Dimanche: from 14h30


  • Base rate : from 4,00 € to 11,00 €
  • Child rate : from 4,00 € to 11,00 €


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