L’Odyssée d’Ayouk

L’Odyssée d’Ayouk

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L’Odyssée d’Ayouk


The show was born from the desire to explore, to delve into, to play with and with plastic. A visual material, omnipresent in our daily lives, plastic is embodied in multiple forms that each bring different dynamics, spaces and imaginations... A desire to do a lot with a little, to do "with", with what we have on hand. A desire to be touched by what we touch every day... Ayouk's Odyssey is inspired by the contemporary tale "Ayouk and Aziz" (Natalie Quintart). The story plunges the (young) spectator into the mysteries of the ocean and questions our relationship with nature. In a country as flat as the palm of a hand and surrounded by the sea, a village. In this village, the inhabitants catch more fish every day. One day they catch Aziz, the son of the Queen of the Oceans, in their nets... The Queen's anger descends on the village like a hurricane threatening to destroy everything. Ayouk, a little girl who is rejected by the whole village because she has the strange power to talk to the creatures of the sea, dives into the ocean to try to avoid the catastrophe... Ayouk's Odyssey deals with the question of difference and the relationship between humans and nature and the ocean. Ayouk's village is confronted with the limits of a way of life where the exploitation of nature and mistrust of the unknown and the foreign are commonplace. From the height of his childlike determination, Ayouk will push the villagers to question themselves and to change...

Opening hours

The 05/02/2023

  • Dimanche: from 11h00 and from 17h00


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