Les Ritals


Les Ritals

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Les Ritals


In France, several decades ago, Italian migrants were called "Ritals" or "Macaroni", often with an air of disdain. These are the people Bruno Putzulu, a former resident of the Comédie Française, talks about in his play Les Ritals, directed by his brother Mario and based on the famous autobiographical novel by François Cavanna. The author tells the story of his father, but also of his own childhood and youth. On stage, a kitchen table covered with an oilcloth and chairs. A blue worker's coat hanging in the corner. A simple device, supported by the obvious complicity between the actor and the musicians Grégory Daltin and Aurélien Noël (alternating). Les Ritals is intended to be, in a foggy period such as the one we are going through, the fraternal gesture of a great writer towards those whom the misery of the times condemns to seek their bread outside their homeland. Continue your evening with music at the Novo lounge bar, at the exit of the GRRRANIT SN. Benefit from a 15% discount on an à la carte drink on the evening of the show.

Opening hours

The 27/04/2023

  • Jeudi: from 20h00 to 21h20


  • : from 8,00 € to 18,00 €


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