Les Jumeaux
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Les Jumeaux


Inseparable, unpredictable, impertinent and inevitably unmissable! In their new show, The Twins have decided to tell you all about their double life, from the babies they were to the fathers they have become. In their early thirties, they ask themselves (almost) existential questions... What if their parents had reversed them at the maternity hospital? Are they a fascination of Mother Nature or just a genetic anomaly? Are there enough schizophrenic twins to play pinochle? With tenderness and elegance, authenticity and kindness, Steeven and Christopher promise you a show that is more alive than ever. Come and share a great moment of complicity and laughter with this surprising, endearing, teasing and speedy duo. And if it's obvious that they look like each other, it could be that these Twins look like you too...

Opening hours

The 20/04/2023

  • Jeudi: from 20h30


  • Base rate : 26,00 €
  • Child rate : 26,00 €


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