L’Atelier Chanson sur scène


L’Atelier Chanson sur scène

Music - beaucourt

L’Atelier Chanson sur scène



It's a new public event for the Chanson workshop and, as every year, this evening is an opportunity to present on stage the work carried out throughout the year. Whether as individuals, duos or groups, the results are always surprising. On the programme are personal compositions as well as covers and collective tributes. This year you may well find Nicole, Jean-Marie(s), Denis(s), Dominique, Jean-Pierre, Annie, Colette, Giuseppe, Pascal, Francine, Robert, Lionel, Cécile, Guy, Quentin... as well as the newcomers of the year, because the workshop is always on the move and ready to welcome new song lovers. This traditional public evening is always eagerly awaited. It's a time for sharing, discovery and quality, and it regularly attracts large audiences.

Opening hours

Friday 24 May 2024 at 8.30pm

The 24/05/2024

  • Vendredi: from 20h30


  • Base rate : 12,00 €
  • Child rate : 6,00 €
  • Ermäßigter Satz : 10,00 €


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