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The aptly named Falaise Abbey in Belfort is an unwelcoming place at first glance. In these troubled times, it nevertheless appears to be a haven of peace. This evening, visitors arrive at the main door: a young nobleman, Enguerrand de Quercy, accompanied by a knight, Sire Jehan. The travellers have barely had time to settle in when a storm breaks out, one of those that literally cut the abbey off from the world. The occupants of the abbey know that this storm will last at least a full day, turning the place into a refuge as well as a prison. The next morning, the abbey is in turmoil: Brother Theobald has not shown up for the morning service and nobody knows where he is. But it is impossible for him to have left the abbey with the storm still raging. Theobald must therefore be somewhere within these walls... With tenacity and clairvoyance, discover the clues that will help you understand the terrible secret of the cursed abbey. From 11 to 18 years old - Reservation required

Opening hours

The 29/12/2021

  • Mercredi: from 16h00


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