La visite – Sortie de résidence

La visite – Sortie de résidence

- giromagny

La visite – Sortie de résidence



A young mother is visited by her husband's estranged family, who are due to return from work soon. This family is the audience. Alone in front of these spectators who have not come for her, she launches into a monologue without concession, in all frankness, sweeping away the myth of the perfectly happy mother! Gradually plunging into a delirium that feeds her argument on the maternal instinct, she comes to the brink of implosion. Alone and lost in the face of society's gaze, and no longer able to play the role expected of her, she prefers to use acerbic humour to keep talking...


Opening hours

The 19/02/2023

  • Dimanche: from 17h00


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