La tristesse de l’éléphant


La tristesse de l’éléphant

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La tristesse de l’éléphant



CIE LES RIVES DE L'ILL The story takes place in France in the early 60s. It features Louis, a young man who is a bit chubby, not the kind of boy that women like. He is an orphan and grows up in an orphanage until he comes of age, raised by the Jesuit brothers. His natural overweight and his eyesight problems do not help him when he is adopted, and he will see his friends leave one after the other. In any case, he doesn't really have any friends, Louis is the butt of everyone's jokes. The only good times Louis has are the ones he spends at the Marcos circus, which sets up its tent in a vacant lot in the city. La`, everything lights up inside him, he smiles, he is happy, and then there is Clara, the elephant tamer. Clara, magnificent, who, as the circus returns to the city, becomes his confidante, his friend, his lover... Clara falls in love with Louis and leaves her family and her circus to live with him. They will know happy and carefree days. In partnership with the Théâtre du Pilier. Please respect the minimum age of 12 years old for the artists.

Opening hours

The 19/02/2022

  • Samedi: from 17h00


  • Base rate : 10,00 €
  • Child rate : 8,00 €


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