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La Question

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La Question



"The Question was a striking encounter for me. It is a very strong text that was censored for a long time by the French state because it denounces the torture during the battle of Algiers. It echoes emotions that have been running through me for a long time: my grandfather was a Resistance fighter during the Second World War. I was totally taken in, challenged by Henri Alleg's words. Of course, it is not the same war, but the Algerian war raises questions that were also raised, just over a decade earlier, by the Second World War: torture, the Resistance, censorship... In 1957, it raises questions about the lessons that our country did not learn from the atrocities suffered by its own people between 1939 and 1945. If I wish to present this text, these words, this autobiographical story, it is because it speaks of a man who remains faithful to his convictions, whatever the cost to himself. This place of resistance, of courage, of dignity, of the defence of fraternal values, moves me deeply. The Question indicates a path that seems to me to respond to the issues and struggles of today", Laurent Meininger. Continue your evening at the Novo lounge bar, at the exit of the GRRRANIT SN. Benefit from a 15% discount on an à la carte drink on the evening of the show.

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