La Nuit de l’Objet


La Nuit de l’Objet

Theatre - belfort

La Nuit de l’Objet


Special performance: The ticket entitles you to attend all 3 shows on Nuit de l'Objet (Les Envahisseurs, I Killed The Monster, Star Show). The Invaders There's a muted threat lurking in the blackness of space. At the edge of the universe, strange, gelatinous beings are advancing towards Earth. Their intentions are as yet unknown... Will our armies be swept away? Will our world fall into ruin? And who is this disquieting character, half demigod half harlock, who is creating this story before the public's astonished eyes? I Killed the Monster In the village of Brognon, all is quiet. Except for Daniel, who's a bit restless... he's been given an experimental drug from the US, which can only do him good. Everything's fine... but where's old Jean-Marie's dog? A lamp with a shade, a table and a drawer - that's all it takes to bring B movies to the stage. In a succession of vignettes strung together at a frenetic pace, reality gradually unravels and one massacre follows another... much to the audience's delight, since the treatment is resolutely burlesque. Star Show On the eve of space tourism and low-cost shuttles to the moon, the Bakélite company will be using all its ingenuity and ingenuity to offer you a journey that only an elite group of men and women have ever made. Follow in the footsteps of these space pioneers and set off into the unknown. Go for ignition sequence, 3... 2... 1... Lift off! But where to?

Opening hours

The 24/02/2024

  • Samedi: from 20h00