La marche vers Compostelle


La marche vers Compostelle

Music - grandvillars

La marche vers Compostelle


To celebrate its 10 years of existence, the ACORG association has joined forces with its very popular local colleagues Chante la Vie and ACCLP to offer a show that brings together, for the duration of a concert, the faithful but sometimes distant audiences of these three components of the cultural life of the Southern Territory. The actor-singer Mario Hacquard and the organist Jean-Charles Ablitzer will be surrounded by the popular choir "Chante la Vie" directed by Philippe Etienne and the troupe "Les Boulingrins" led by Jean-Marc Pelletier to evoke this famous pilgrimage: The walk to Compostela. A spiritual journey, a need to share or a parenthesis in life, this quest for something else goes far beyond performance or the search for physical prowess. This concert has the modest ambition of offering you a moment of sharing, the same one that animates the spirit of the Compostela walkers.


Opening hours

The 24/09/2022

  • Samedi: from 20h00


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