La Légende de korkyt

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La Légende de korkyt

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La Légende de korkyt



The Legend of Korkyt is a play dedicated to the legendary life of one of the founders of Eastern cultural civilisations. Korkyt was the first man to learn to play the kobyz. Shaman, hunter and storyteller, he appears in each story as a wise person, a troubadour whose words, music and testimonies of wisdom are associated with the traditions surrounding birth, marriage and death. The image of Korkyt is resolutely optimistic, based on the idea that he has acquired immortality by placing his art at the service of humanity. 32 dancers on stage will dance his story through a great choreographic and sung fresco. Grand Theatre Ville du TURKESTAN, Kazakhstan With 32 artists on stage

Opening hours

Wednesday 6/03/24 8pm

The 06/03/2024

  • Mercredi: from 20h00 to 21h05