Keyvan Chemirani & The Rhythm Alchemy


Keyvan Chemirani & The Rhythm Alchemy

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Keyvan Chemirani & The Rhythm Alchemy


Keyvan Chemirani's new creation celebrates the world of rhythms, from the Indian subcontinent (with the kanjira and the tablas) to Western drums, via sung rhythms (the konnokol and the beat box). The ensemble is enriched by strings and a bass clarinet, which sometimes concert and sometimes support the rhythmic structure. The musicians, anchored in a strong tradition, are in tune with today's world, more than ever attentive to other music. Their generosity and their openness are the indispensable sesame for transmitting and sharing a learned music in a precise architecture: sequence pieces going back and forth between the meditative, contemplative interior and the festive, explosive exterior, without ever forgetting the fundamentals: pleasure, groove, jubilation. Continue your evening with music at the Novo lounge bar, at the exit of the GRRRANIT SN. Benefit from a 15% discount on an à la carte drink on the evening of the show.
  • Secondary type: concert

Opening hours

The 25/03/2023

  • Samedi: from 20h00 to 21h20


  • : from 8,00 € to 18,00 €


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