Irisations – Exposition

Irisations – Exposition

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Irisations – Exposition



The Irisations exhibition presented at the Espace Multimédia Gantner, is part of a rapprochement between kinetic art, OP art and contemporary creation in the digital era, which participates in the renewal of one of the major artistic currents of the 20th century. The works presented explore luminous radiation, its spectrum, its colours, and the perceptive phenomenon. In this exhibition, which invites a dozen national and international contemporary artists, the visitor's eye, space, illusion and movement are at the heart of the artistic process. While putting into perspective without making a retrospective, the exhibition evokes light, colour, iridescence and induces from the outset the visual experience and the viewer's relationship to space. We find the importance of movement in plastic works such as Lucien Bitaux's which integrate the movement of the spectator and his movements. Then the various tones of colour, the range of their liquidity, the rainbow of their polychromy with the works of Natalia de Mello, Alistair Mc Clymont and the deconstruction of white light with Flavien Théry are deployed. Finally, the optical phenomenon behind iridescence is revealed. The term derives from the ancient Greek Iris, which refers to the rainbow, a recurring motif throughout the exhibition. A phenomenon that has long fascinated mankind, it is also the source of many mythologies and symbolism. One of the first founding myths is that of the goddess Iris from Greek mythology. Goddess of dawn and dusk, she establishes communication between the realm of gods and men. She symbolises dialectics, warding off violence and naivety, and bringing forth a new being. The political stance taken by kinetic artists in the 1960s, which broke with the great modern principles, overturned the boundaries of art by reconfiguring the traditional "work-viewer relationship" with the aim of "giving the viewer a major participation". Fragile and ephemeral, with the figure of the rainbow, the current issues raised by artists such as Verena Friedrich question us about human vanity and the profound transformation of man and his relationship with his natural environment through the prism of technology. The destiny of man in this reconfigured relationship takes shape with the advent of a new dialectic between man, the living and nature. With Vérena Friedrich - Natalia de Mello - Alistair McClymont - Flavien Théry - Adrien Lucca - Hernan Zambrano - Lucien Bitaux - Romain Tièche

Opening hours

From 09/04/2022 to 16/07/2022


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