Francoiz Breut – Indie Pop


Francoiz Breut – Indie Pop

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Francoiz Breut – Indie Pop



A singer who is both resolutely modern and totally timeless. "Between erotic dreams and dark raw realities, nightmares and fables, fragments of reflections, disenchantments, apocalyptic depressions, bursts of life and hopes, I have continued to observe, with a certain distance, a world that I understand less and less. Françoiz Breut's voice is heard for the first time on Dominique A's second album. Her footsteps cross those of Yann Tiersen, Joey Burns of Calexico, Faust, Philippe Katerine, Philippe Poirier of Kat Onoma, Ted Barnes, Adrian Utley of Portishead, François and the Atlas Mountains... This new chapter in her already rich career was born of a desire to quench her thirst for new musical experiences, Françoiz trusts her faithful collaborators and electronic engineers Roméo Poirier and Marc Melià who make electronic and organic rhyme.
  • Secondary type: concert

Opening hours

Saturday 20 August at 21:00

The 20/08/2022

  • Samedi: from 21h00


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