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Film documentaire



Are we witnessing the last reign of the Dalai Lama? Although he is a globally respected icon, the Dalai Lama also appears to be under threat, as the Middle Kingdom appears to be interested in his succession. We may be witnessing the reign of the last Dalai Lama, now aged 88. An eventuality that could traumatise an entire people and extinguish the Tibetan voice. We set out to meet the people who are shaping the Tibet of today and tomorrow. Through this documentary, we want to look back at the attitude of the West, the roots of the conflict, grasp what is at stake, the reasons for hope and imagine the future of this nation. Is it still possible today to believe in "Free Tibet"?

Opening hours

Saturday 9 December 2023 at 8 pm
Sunday 10 December 2023 at 5 pm

From 09/12/2023 to 10/12/2023

  • Samedi: from 20h00
  • Dimanche: from 20h00


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