Dans ma maison


Dans ma maison

Theatre - belfort

Dans ma maison


Dans ma maison tackles the question of construction, of the house, but also of the self. The house as a living being, with its inhabitants, its objects, its sounds, its treasures and sometimes its dangers. The house as a territory that, in some way, extends the child's body. The house in which the child will evolve, grow and experiment. The house of complicity, the happy house, the shell house, the gingerbread house, the house of danger too... We'll be referring to what the philosopher Gaston Bachelard calls dream space. Like the roof of a house with two sides, we'll be oscillating between the inner and outer worlds, between black and white, between dream and reality. Between the real house and the imagined house.

Opening hours

The 25/02/2024

  • Dimanche: from 11h00 and from 17h00