Dans les jupes de ma mère


Dans les jupes de ma mère

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Dans les jupes de ma mère


"Dans les jupes de ma mère" is a "petite forme" or rather, a "pocket show" that visually recounts the rituals of a day in the life of a child, but a day like no other, that of going back to school. The Toutito Teatro company, specialists in visual and gestural theatre, bring this founding moment to life by inventing a clever castelet costume: a "parents' house" where the pieces nestle in the corners of the costumes... A funny and inventive show to share with the family from 2 years old.

Opening hours

The 09/02/2023

  • Jeudi: from 10h30

The 10/02/2023

  • Vendredi: from 10h30 and from 14h30


  • Base rate : 10,00 €
  • Child rate : 8,00 €


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