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Contreforts Festival

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Contreforts Festival



Promoting the culture of electronic music: We want Contreforts to become one of the players in the expansion of electronic music by promoting local and international collectives and labels. This year, Friday will be specifically dedicated to house and minimal house, with artists such as CMYK, Jeff The Fool, Philipp Boss and Saverio. Techno in all its forms (dub techno, deep techno & hard techno) will be in the spotlight on Saturday, with artists such as GEAN, MATRAKK, MORSURE and MTRZ. We want Contreforts to become a space where artists from different backgrounds and universes can meet. Highlighting heritage: Eastern France is a place steeped in history, as evidenced by the impressive number of forts and castles in our region. Over the past few years, the Association du Fort Dorsner (AFD) has done a tremendous amount of work to maintain and renovate Fort Dorsner. One of the aims of Contreforts is to promote this work. Part of the proceeds from the event will be donated to the AFD for the renovation of this listed site. After the 2021 edition, 1000€ were directly donated to the Fort Dorsner, thanks to the artists and the team of volunteers in charge of the organisation of this event which is 100% associative. Enhancing the local area : Contreforts is a great opportunity to showcase our terroir by promoting our local producers. Our beers are brewed within a 30 km radius, and our foodtrucks prepare their food exclusively from local products. We also showcase the work of young graphic designers, video artists and technicians at our events.
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From 25/08/2023 to 26/08/2023


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